Natural Gemstones

Ruby- vitalises body immune system , and heart , reduces back pain, eye problems brain problems , heart strokes , typhoid , bones, ulcers, skin disease , Aneamia.

Pearl moti – mental disease, insomnia, frustration, memory loss. Lung disease , laziness of

Elild , diabetes , piles, deficiency of calcium , Gout lustre of face , sex power of ladies .

Coral  –  cures aggressive nature , heat stroke , headache , wounds , fever , blood impurities , controls menstrual disorder , miscarriage , pregnancy problems , safe child birth , piles, skeleton bone problems .

Pukhraj –   controls digestion by lives , hepatitis, jaundice , anaemia , blood presswre , gastric trouble , fever .

Diamond – sexual disorder , infertility , sperm and ovary / ovum problems , Induces sexual urge and attractions, Kidney , constipation , diabetes. Gastric

Blue sapphire – positive effect on   Nervous system , muscular and joints disorder knees arthritis , gout , calf , legs pain  ashthma , obesity . hairs , improves fentility of bassen women , stamina .

Emerald – Increases brain power , intelligence , concentration , reasoning ,  analytical , communication  skil controls depression an , dullness , lajiness , restlessness , headache , bowel disorders , ashthma , skin , veneral disease , Rhessinatic , bronchitis , cataract epilepsy eye disease

Hessonite – controls Digestive system ailments disease , bites of animals Snake dog , bee , scorpion ele , undiagnosalde diseases , skin disease , leprosy , sleeplessness insomnia , hysteria , itching , mental illness , heart attack ulcer , blood poisoning.

Cats eye –  leucoderma whie spot on skin paralysis , malignact disease , throat infections . blood poisoning . dental decay , burns , wounds.

Oppal – It is semiprecious substitute of diamond ;  Main source is Anstralia . It has firing of also mexico , south America

Firoza – Love , happiness , luck

Songmarium – Piles Babasir

Danafiraung – Kidney

Carnelian – and Haldil for heart .

Magnet – for blood pressure

White coral – Diabetes

Tiger or Yellow Hessonite – Gowt , Pain in knees , progress in profession .

Emerald – Cataroet

Moon stone – malaria , insomria , Throat problem . epilepsy

Lajwart – It is Blue in colour with mica sjoread an its surface . It pacifies both Rahu and ketu , rest remedy for kool sarpa .

Scientific and Astrological Significance of Rudraksh


Defaulting to Mindfulness: The Third Person Effect

Gems are wonderful creations of nature. Gemstones are found in natural form in many Shapes and colours .They differ in physical and chemical properties from one another.The stones are cut and polished to give required beauty and shine gems are associated with planets and rashi based on the colour and the effect that is produced by wearing them

Gemstones have their unique vibrations that has effect on the human mental state and can offer calm and quiet to a mind that is in emoffonal unrest. Magical properties of stones boost your abilities.

They are  very powerful and very sensitive .

They have an energy field aura and their  different energies can be used to balance /enhance our own body ‘s energies .  As with  many natural therapies ,  they have been used as a healing aid  for centuries .  This may be helpful in relation  to the seven main chakras and their colors . Gemstones has energy to boost physical psychological spiritual and emotional aspects  of our lives .

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