Gems are wonderful creations of nature. Gemstones are found in natural form in many

Shapes and colours .They differ in physical and chemical properties from one another.The stones are cut and polished to give required beauty and shine gems are associated with planets and rashi based on the colour and the effect that is produced by wearing them . not only the Indians but Chinese and egyptians believed in the mystical and therapentic qualities of gemstones.

Gemstones have their unique vibrations that has effect on the human mental state and can offer calm and quiet to a mind that is in emoffonal unrest. Magical properties of stones boost your abilities.

They are  very powerful and very sensitive .

They have an energy field aura and their  different energies can be used to balance /enhance our own body ‘s energies .  As with  many natural therapies ,  they have been used as a healing aid  for centuries .  This may be helpful in relation  to the seven main chakras and their colors . Gemstones has energy to boost physical psychological spiritual and emotional aspects  of our lives .

There are different conceptions regarding Rudrakshas in Shiv Puran and other Pauranic scriptures but one thing is upheld in all of these that:-


Scientific and Astrological Significance of Gemstones


Therapetics Effect Of Gemstones

Adventurine –  A good luck stone , especially in financial matters . stimulates creativity, intelligence , and perception .  A  great healing stone, it gives a sense of mental and emotional well-being .

 Agate – general protection  and healing , increased courage , self – confidence , energy and promotes longevity . Also good for gardening .

 Alexandrite – Renewel and regeneration , openness to  higher self . Brings love, joy and luck.

Amazonite- helps to clarify and improve thinking . 

Amber- healing , protection from negativity . attractiveness and energy.

Amethyst- increases vivid dreams ,  relieves  depression , promotes calm ,  serenity and spirituality . Helps with addiction and stress .

Apatite – helps in hypertension . Rids one of guilt and grief.

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