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Benefits Of Emerald Gemstone

Columbian Emerald


Emeralds are most beautiful,brilliant and fieriest glowing green beryl gem stone.It is a sillicate of Alumi-                                                     

nium and beryllium having traces of chrominum and vanadium.Its hardness is 7.5 – 8.0. There are no                                                             

emeralds without inclusions.Inclusions are Jardin(garden) of Emeralds are rectangular and square(Emerald-                                                               

cut) extends the transparent beauty to the last stage.It gives success in competitions,trade,business.It also                                                               

gives promotion and properity.It makes the wearer impartial,clever,youthful,scholar,incress his wisdom,                                                   

communication skill idelity,contration,intellect,brainpower,reasoning,analyticalpower,dullness.Ifmurcury                                                               

ismelfic stammering or speech defect,boweldisorders,bloodimpurities,bronchities,epilepry,cataract,                                                           

eyediseases,lossof memory,dullmindedness,depression,laziness,restlessness,headache,menaces efficiently.                                                               


Planet  :-            Mercury(Budha)                                         

Sign  :- Gemini(Mithun),Vigro(Kanya)                                          

Metal  :-             Gold, Bronge,Brass,Copper,Silver,Asthedhota                                       

Mantra  :-         Oum Bum BudhayaNamah                                  

Source  :-          Columbia,Brazil,Zambia,Madagascar,Ukraine         


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